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Motion Graphic Trends 2021 - 2022

Top Trends of 2021 - 2022

Need some simple animation to get your business in the spotlight? Look no further than motion graphics! Motion graphics is a specialisation based off of graphic design, it uses many of the key fundamentals that graphic design has. In 2022 so far, motion graphics have taken to the skies in popularity, even if it can't be in person productions or shoots. Many designers are using stock images and creating their own illustrations in or to make up for the lack of in-person.

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphic is essentially animated graphic design that focuses a lot on text and fonts. There is a fine line between motion graphics and animation that can be hard to see at times but at its core, motion graphics is design. Examples of motion graphics can be title sequences, explainer videos, lyric music videos, and more. They all focus on a subject and use design and video to bring it to life.

Trends in 2022

Motion graphics has had lots of trends throughout the years. As it has become increasingly popular, some trends have begun to stand out more than others. These trends are popping up in 2022 and have little to no in-person footage but are amazing nonetheless. They include:

  • Animated Collage

  • Kinetic Typography

  • Isometric Shapes

Animated Collage

Animated collages are an increasingly popular motion graphics trend on Instagram lately. It involves using both illustrations and stock photos, (or even your own) to create a fast moving collage video that brings with it a crafty feeling. This trend is chaotic, energetic and constantly moving, while keeping your eye focused on the central image of the piece.

Kinetic Type

Kinetic type is the use of dynamic, moving type in a video used to draw on the user’s emotions and feelings. It is most popularly associated with lyric music videos as a fun way to still grab the audience's attention without having the official music video and actors in it. The benefit to kinetic type is that you can have the sound turned off on your device or laptop and still get your message across to the viewers because it is displayed on the screen. Kinetic type plays well into motion graphics as type and fonts are very important, and kinetic type takes them to the next level.

Isometric Shapes

While commonly known as combining 3D and 2D shapes in illustrator, isometric shapes take on a whole new experience in Motion Graphics. Isometric shapes are being used to introduce a 3D feel into 2D animations or give a unique perspective to 3D renders and videos. It can bring a playfulness and personality to add extra

depth and perspective to your videos/renderings and increase your likelihood that clients and users will be drawn in. So much can be done with isometric shapes and so much detail can be created within your work without making it look overcomplicated.


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