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Websites to get your customers engaging and keep them informed.

Your website is your business's portal into the digital world. Having a strong digital presence is more important than ever before and we're here to help navigate the digital transformation required to take advantage of the opportunities.

The magic happens in three steps... 

1. Content Creation

Sometimes our clients send us the content that they have prepared for their own website, but sometimes they need a bit of help! Either way - you're in good hands. We'll take it from here!

2. Website Build

We implement our newly created website strategy, to implement all branding elements, messaging, and layout.

Larger projects often require a custom UI design iniative before we begin to bring the website itself to life, just to ensure that we're on the right track.

3. Optimize

We ensure that your new website will show up when potential customers want to find you. Local SEO is so important for 99% of the businesses that reach out to us, that we always include basic SEO implementations in our website designs.

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Start growing with Graphic Design Halifax today

  • Do you print materials in-house?
    No. We have a wide variety of partners who provide agency pricing to us, and help us to achieve the goals of our clients in the fastest and most cost effective way possible.
  • Do you offer shipping?
    Yes - we can have any item printed and shipped to your door.
  • Are you able to work with an older design that we have from before?
    Yes - we can work with any files that you may have available, or re-create any design that you have used in the past.
  • Do I need to have my own design?
    We can either use a design that you already have, or create one from scratch.
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