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Why Do We Need Branding?

Does Branding Really Help Grow Businesses?

Branding is such a diverse field in Graphic Design, not only does it connect to almost every other field, but it also has a wide range in which it can be expressed. That’s what’s happening now in 2022, Companies are now changing and evolving their brand into something new and exciting. But how do you start branding your company?

What is branding?

The definition of branding is a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. But how do you create a company's brand? Branding is, at its core, researching, sketching, and creating an identity for your company or brand that reflects on your core values, goals, vision, personality and more. By understanding each of these and applying them to your creation process, you can create a successful brand for your company.

Do we really need branding?

The answer is YES! Branding is the personality of your company, business, etc. It is what draws your clients or customers to you and encourages them to return. Done right, it can promote your brand, engage new clients, and bring in new ones. It can also help clients identify your unique selling point and find an interest in your brand.

Where do we start?

First things first you need to establish your brand identity. Brand identity is how a business establishes itself and how it is seen by its clients/customers. This is an

important step because it is the base of your brand.

Your brand identity needs to also be versatile, allowing it to be applied to multiple forms of media, whether that's advertisements, print, web, social, or applied to motion graphics. It needs to be able to be recognized in each format as the same


From here you can start researching your competition and observing what they are doing, what's working for them and what isn't. Think carefully about your target audience, will this attract them and have them coming back? Will this interest them? Will they share your brand with others? These are all questions to think about when researching.

Once you have your research done, it's time to start adding visuals, whether that's a logo, colour palette, wireframes for a website. You only want to start this step once you know your brand inside and out, you have a clear understanding of what you're looking for, your goals, your values and mission statement.

You're ready to go!

Creating a brand is never easy, a lot of work needs to go into its creation but once it's created, it will mean the world for your company. By creating your values, goals, mission statements and having your brand identity reflect them, you can connect to your clients and their needs and goals as well. It's worth it in the end, when clients recognize your brand and share it with others, your brand recognition will grow.

This is how a successful brand starts.

How will you start?


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