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Digital Marketing: Where do you start?

Digital marketing is creating advertisements to grab your audience's attention through the use of social media, the internet, search engines and more. In today’s age, the internet is heavily used and the best place to reach out and get viewers' attention. Many brands and companies have started using social media as a way to connect with younger generations and their target audience.

What is the difference between internet marketing and Digital marketing?

Oftentimes people get Internet marketing confused with digital marketing, which is understandable. There is a difference between the two though. Internet marketing is solely internet based. This could include ads in google, websites yahoo and other search browsers. Digital marketing does take place on the internet, but it expands beyond, like in video games, mobile devices, subway platforms and apps on cell phones.

Best platforms to reach your consumer

There are hundreds of different platforms that one could use digital marketing on, in order to grab their target audience’s attention, but social media is by far the top source. Almost everyone is on at least one platform of social media, whether its Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, or others. The best platforms to reach your target audience with digital marketing are:


  • it is still the largest social media platform by far in terms of user

  • Facebook ads, you are able to target those who are most likely willing and ready to purchase your products or services

  • Facebook makes it easy for users to purchase from your company through the social media platform


  • 72% of all teenagers use Instagram and 67% of all young adults under the age of 30 use Instagram.

  • Instagram is a great platform to reach consumers at large.

  • Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is heavily focused on visuals, both images, and video

  • With Instagram stories, you can take live videos and share them with all of your followers


  • LinkedIn’s newsfeed is not as competitive as other giants like Facebook and Instagram. That’s why businesses are able to reach more of their connections and followers without paying for advertisements

  • businesses and professionals an opportunity to build massive awareness and engagement on their platform

  • about a quarter of professionals above the age of 18-29, which we’d really say 22-29 use LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn allows you to deliver ad content to those with the job roles that are involved with making purchasing decisions


  • one of the only social media platforms where you don’t necessarily have a bunch of videos or photos to stand-out

  • Twitter’s biggest demographic consists of people between the ages of 18-29

  • Hashtags allow you to follow and participate in conversations about trending topics in your industry

  • Twitter also offers advertising opportunities for companies that want to deliver digital ads to their target customers on the social media platform

  • Twitter’s search engine gets over 2 billion search queries per day


  • Most people use Pinterest to find inspiration or helpful content

  • Pinterest is mostly used by women. In fact, there are 3x more women on Pinterest than men

  • The Pinterest Buy Button makes it easier than ever to sell products directly from your Pinterest page

  • This feature makes Pinterest another way for brands to gain visibility and increase sales


  • YouTube above Instagram and almost eye-to-eye with Facebook in terms of usage

  • it is also the 2nd largest search engine behind no other than Google.

  • YouTube is very effective, but production can be quite expensive if you want to stand out

  • Perhaps the greatest perk of YouTube is that it allows brands to access an unlimited amount of video hosting

  • YouTube allow you to reach a wide audience of viewers across the globe, but it can also help with your search engine optimization (SEO)


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