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Branding Trends in 2022

Most Popular Branding Trends of 2022

Want something new for your brand? Tired of the way it looks? Think it’s time to revamp your brand? Here are some of the top trends in 2022 to help catch your audience's attention.

  • Logo Adaptability

  • Getting Nostalgic

  • Minimalism

  • Branding Activism

Logo Adaptability

A big trend in 2022 is logo adaptability, basically it's the ability to have your logo shrunk down and enlarged while still retaining the ability to know whose logo it is. Many companies are experimenting with this trend by instead of just shrinking the logo, they are taking elements away that won’t affect the overall logo.

An example of this is the NIKE logo, at its full size the words NIKE sits on top of the check mark, however as the logo gets to a certain point where NIKE is too hard to read, they remove it so it’s only the check mark left. This allows us to still know that yes this is a NIKE product or yes this is the NIKE brand without compromising the overall look of the logo.

Getting Nostalgic

Another interesting trend in 2022 for branding is Getting Nostalgic. Taking their logo and changing it to either the original logo or an older version but bringing it up to date or bringing something into their ads that evokes a sense of nostalgia to grab viewers’ attention.

Old Navy decided to bring in the backstreet boys for one of their ads, playing on the feel of nostalgia to its older target audience. Another example is burger king, we all know the bright blue and yellow logo. However, Burger King has started to change its brand. They took the 1994 and have made slight alterations to it, to make it more modern, and are in the process of changing their logo to this more nostalgic version.


Minimalism is a trend that involves using limited shapes, colours and text to express your brand. This can include a simple shape with text or even just text or a shape, there is nothing complicated about it. Minimalist provides a simple, uncluttered aesthetic that can be perfect for brands who want to get “back-to-basics” of design.

Minimalism allows for lots of blank or “white” space within your design which helps keep the viewers’ attention on your logo or brand. White space allows there to be no clutter and distraction away from your design, keeping your audience's attention where it needs to be. All in all, minimalism is very popular in today's world, many popular brands are taking part in minimalism as their brand aesthetic.

Branding Activism

Activism is the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change. Branding activism is about including the social change you are passionate about in your brand. This can be included in your website, as a donate section or even a volunteer section.

This helps customers or clients see what you are passionate about and what you support. This helps clients relate to you and encourages consumers to interact with your brand to create a positive change in your environment or community.


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