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James & Son Jewellery Studo

Services Provided: Branding / logo, graphic design for print, photo / video, digital advertising, website design, etc.


James & Son is an amazing jewellery studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia that are serving up one-of-a-kind jewellery creations. We were approached to assist with the creation of the brand and a website to help with the companies digital visibility.

The company has been growing for over 2 years now, with the help of our team. With growing social media channels and a vibrant website that helped to land them a spot in the top 5 search listings for Custom Jewellery in Halifax, James & Son is poised for an amazing decade serving up some of Halifax's finest in custom jewellery.

James and Son Phone IG Mockup 8.jpg
James & Son Jewellery Logo Mockup.jpg
James & Son Jewellery Business Card Mockup.jpg
James & Son Jewellery Services Carousel Mockup.png
James and Son Phone IG Mockup 7.jpg
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