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Centre for Women in Business

Services Provided: Two Twenty-six page Year in Review Publications flyer and insert


The Centre for Women in Business, located at Mount Saint Vincent University, is a university-based business development centre for women. They formed in 1992 to provide skills training, networking opportunities and a membership program to support women in business.

Their contacts highly recommended Graphic Design Halifax to complete the task of designing their Annual Review, and we did not disappoint! They prefer a unique, artsy design every year. As well, they prefer a more creative, conceptual approach to the design. The concept of this particular publication is based on the square. The square can represent a new beginning or a beginning to a plan, or a structure. In this case representing the business that the centre started to support women. The square is a stable symbol, peaceful, solid and equal. By tilting the square we created a new and interesting alternative design element to work with throughout the publication.

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe
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